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Cambridge Partnership Programme

Join our Cambridge Partnership Programme by following the registration link.

Cambridge Assessment English Partnership Programme

Cambridge Assessment English's Partnership programme is designed to show our appreciation for the support you are giving us by registering your Cambridge English test takers with the British Council.

The IELTS Partnership programme is the membership scheme for all kinds of consultancy and educational institutions who register people for the IELTS test with British Council. This partnership allows British Council to support key partners and agents in preparing their students for the IELTS test through offering wide range of value-added services including preparation resources, teacher training seminars and access to promotional materials.

What benefits will you receive as a partner? 

  • Status of officially recognised British Council IELTS test registration centre in Uzbekistan

  • Recognition of the partner centre on our Uzbekistan website and social media channels

  • Briefings for partner centre staff on Customer Service for IELTS registrations, British Council brand and values awareness

  • Enhanced level of support and promotional resources from the British Council

  • Invitations to various British Council events

  • Improved customer service for your students/clients through the online registration system

  • Professional development opportunities for IELTS trainers at the partner centre

  • Access to a wide range of learning resources for partner centre students and clients

Note: British Council has the right to make any amendments to this list.

Who can participate in the British Council IELTS Partnership programme?

Any educational institution or consultancy company in Uzbekistan which:

  • has been fully registered in the market for at least 1 year

  • has evidence of capability and capacity to register at least 100 IELTS candidates per year.

To join the British Council IELTS Partnership programme, please read the FAQs and guidelines , fill in the application form  and send it back to For more information, please contact  us.

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