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B2 First

B2 First is an upper-intermediate course. 

B2 First exam(FCE) tests four English language skills – reading and use of english, writing, listening and speaking and this course is designed to build on the English language skills you have already learned and help you move on to the next level. Level B2 corresponds to a more advanced, more independent level than previous levels.

A completion of B2 First qualification proves you have the language skills to live and work independently in an English-speaking country or study on courses taught in English.

This course is the logical step in your language learning journey between B1 Preliminary and C1 Advanced.

Key facts

CEFR level:        B2 What's this?

Scale score:      160–179 What's this?

Test format:     Computer or paper-                                  based

No. of papers:  4

Exam length:   About 3.5 hours


A B2 First qualification shows that you can:

  • communicate easily and spontaneously in a clear and detailed manner.

  • understand and be understood in most situations.

  • find and understand an information from a text.


Reasons to choose B2 First:

  • improve everything at once(listening, reading and use of english, writing, speaking).

  • get a well-respected and recognised qualification(FCE).

  • develop an ability to speak fluently and express your ideas coherently.

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